Sunday 16 November 2008

Nearly 5k

His footfalls are regular

They echo mine

I hear his breathing

It echoes my own


not heavy

Our hearts pump in unison

Hot blood

Bodies pulsing

as they did so long ago

He's tall

seems taller;

his long-muscled legs


in time with mine

He glances at me,

a checking-out kind of smile

a gentle enquiry

You ok?

Nearly 5k.”


behind distant memories

a bell chimes

The same question


from the sweetest time

of wonder and surrender

when my body was his

and his

was mine

You ok?”

Knees drawn up,


Braced against

the unknown,

ready to exert, endure, expel


for the risky ride

imposed without consent

from within

You ok?”

The release of

a cord; thick,

tight around his neck;

the putty-grey baby,

unopening eyes

whisked away

confusion and whispers

What about him?”

Tell me.”

You ok?”



incalculable moments

accumulating eternities

of dread.

Silent pleadings

and desperate negotiations;

the alternative common prayer book

of the helpless

You ok?”

More than.

Ridiculously astonished;

profoundly grateful


Thirty years on,

our two hearts

are running in rhythm

beating as one

feeling the life.

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